Training Courses - American Heart Association CPR Instructor

What follows is overview of what is involved in becoming an American Heart Association CPR Instructor through Paramedical Personnel of Maryland. 

The instructor program begins with the candidate coming to the office for a “skills test.” The candidate performs CPR on an adult manikin and an infant manikin while being video taped. It takes no more than 15 minutes. That video is reviewed by our CEO, Joe Becker. If he feels the candidate is ready to proceed with the training, the candidate is notified of acceptance and makes a payment of $300. This fee includes a “Core Instructor” manual which provides information on how to run a CPR and First Aid class and an AHA Instructor Kit as well as a First Aid Manual. The Core Instructor manual has a DVD and a code that will allow you to log onto the American Heart Association website and take the class on line. Taking it on‐line rather than using the provided DVD allows the student to start and stop at any point, being able to resume where they left off. The DVD requires you to start at the beginning each time it is stopped. The other advantage of doing the class on‐line is that AHA awards 8 CEU’s for the course completion. 

After completing the Core Instructor course, the candidate forwards a copy of the completion certificate to PPM. It is at this point we recommend the candidate review the materials in the Instructor Kit. It contains a copy of the Basic Life Support (BLS) For Healthcare Providers Instructor Manual, 1 Basic Life Support (BLS) For Healthcare Providers Course And Renewal Course DVD, 1 copy of the Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers Student Manual and 1 Instructor Stopwatch . After the candidate reviews the DVD and manuals to become familiar with the material, it is time to schedule co‐teaching opportunities by calling 410‐838‐8821. 

The candidate will co‐teach each of the three classes, Heartsaver CPR, Heartsaver First Aid and Healthcare Provider CPR. Sometimes it takes several sessions of co‐teaching each class before PPM feels the candidate is ready and for the candidate to feel comfortable teaching the class. Some co‐teaching opportunities may be offsite but the majority take place at our office in Forest Hill. 

After successful training, the candidate is issued a Healthcare Provider Instructor card good for a period of 2 years. Every two years instructors update at PPM at no charge. 

As a PPM instructor, one can purchase certification cards from our office and PPM keeps the instructor informed of any changes in AHA requirements and new information. Instructors are required to fax/email/mail copies of the rosters for each class taught to PPM to confirm the class. 

Instructors can purchase supplies from PPM or from American Heart Association distributors (except for course cards, which can only be purchased through the instructor’s training center).